Jeg har netop nu afsluttet et coachingforløb, hvor Mikkel har hjulpet mig til at pin-pointe områder i mit arbejdsliv og også privat, hvor min hjerne og iver har været sendt på overarbejde og skabt ubalance.
Jeg har helt konkret fået hjælp til at genkende situationerne, der tricker og ikke mindst stille skarpt på mål og værdier, der er væsentlige for mig.
Jeg er særlig begejstret for den struktur og fokus Mikkel bevarer, så der kommer mærkbare resultater. Mikkel sender mig afsted med nogle konkrete og ukomplicerede værktøjer i min værktøjskasse, der gør mig i stand til at bevarer ro og balance også fremover, når der kommer slinger i kursen. Super godt forløb!

Bjørg de Meza Espersen
We have worked with Mikkel for years and have always been impressed by his professionalism, knowledge and personal qualities. His deep psychological insights work hand in hand with his genuine interest in others. He follows the client to whatever level is needed, even existential psychotherapy, which he was taught by Irvin D. Yalom at Stanford University. We always appreciate Mikkels optimism, good humor and to-the-point-approach.

Mette & Stephen Bruyant Langer
Founders of The Personal Business Plan

Performance coach for ledere og senior konsulenter
i Pandora A/S fra 2019-2020

Udtalelser fra forløbet:

”The confidentially is extremely important. I can really vent. The massive amounts of stress that Im experiencing can be worked through with Mikkel, instead of tiring the others.”

”Im have come to understand my own behaviour from a different point of view and this makes it easier to speak to collegues and focus on work.”

”It has been enlightening to one’s confusion, despair and professional worries to discuss with an external professional. It has given a clearer picture of how to structure and handle one’s work, thoughts and worries + an acceptance of one’s state of mind.”

”The continuous meeting, puts a constructive pressure on one’s improvement and forces to handle the situation. It is such a positive experience to put words on the positive improvements.”

”This series of meetings, will definitely extend my wish for staying and believing again in the potential of the company.”

”It has given me the strength to confront my manager, and I have now an acceptance of how I prioritise my time and workload.”

”I feel more accepted and normal as I am not alone in this situation of despair (workload despair and organization confusion and management dissatisfaction).”

”I hope that these sessions will result in a joint feedback to management that once again will emphasise that change is needed and the company’s People aspect should be taken seriously – action is needed not only talk and empty promises.”

”Im just at the beginning of coaching, but so far it has helped me better visualise my goals, get clarity and focus on my priorities. I think the coaching would be beneficial if it was long term.”

”My sessions with Mikkel have been invaluable. Being able to talk openly about the struggles I am facing at work has given me a fresh and balanced perspective. I leave the sessions feeling calmer with renewed confidence in my abilities.”

”With Mikkel’s help, I am starting to approach challenges differently and consider them an opportunity rather than an uphill struggle.”

”I strongly believe these sessions should continue, not only for myself but also for my team as they encourage and enable me to be a better manager.”

“I have had the pleasure of spending three sessions with Mikkel so far.
Mikkel is a very kind, professional and constructive individual who has quickly been able to establish a room of trust and mutual respect with me, allowing us to have the open and honest conversations that I as a client of Mikkel’s am looking for. Mikkel has already given me several concrete tips and recommendations as to actions to take: These includes how to deal with my current manager in meetings and our conversations as well as to how start thinking about my purpose and passions career wise.”