The future: profit optimization through prevention! 

For the last 10 years I have worked with work-related stress, challenges with managers or colleagues, and leadership development.

In my experience such challenges are typically tackled too late. In short, if the damage is already done, when I first meet the employee, then so much knowledge and experience has been “wasted”. There is so much money wasted on sick leave, loss of good employees and lost production. Many managers and leaders are incredibly skilled professionals, but for various reasons they often do not master the importance of employee development. In the US and Sweden they do things differently. They use inhouse perfomance coaches with psychological backgrounds to screen whether prevention is needed. This way retention of employees is more succesful.

Let the leader set the academic agenda, and I will coach the leader to be able to handle the more “soft” or difficult part of the leadership function, or I will coach the employee. In this way, professionalism and personal development can be combined, much better than what I experience often happens in many companies today. Also, with a background as a former clinical psychologist, I can take psychological problems very quickly in the uprise and, if need be, refer to psychological help externally. In this way, my function becomes profit-optimizing for your company. My fee will earn itself several times by saving large expenses for sick leave, employees who leave your company, or lack of production, due to misconduct in departments. I can also support in the recruitment process, as a recruitment error can be very costly.

You have the opportunity to be first-movers in Denmark and associate me as an in-house performance coach with your company. In 5-10 years from now, this will be standard in all large companies in DK and the rest of the EU.

Together we can create the best workplace.

If not now – when?